Don’t leave home without protecting your home!

If you’re lucky enough to be jetting off around the world then it’s more than likely that you have a ton of things to organise. The list is endless. But how much thought do you give to making sure your home is secure while you’re away?


If you’re just taking a short vacation then it might not be something which has particularly occurred to you. We all know about switching things off at the plug and turning down the thermostat. As long as you do all that and make sure the doors and windows are locked up then you’re fine, right?


I always think that no matter whether you’re going away for a couple of weeks or several months, making sure your home is secured should be a massive priority. I’ve just come back from 2 weeks in Croatia and I was convinced something would be wrong with the house when I got back. Luckily everything was fine!


It’s not simply a case of making sure everything is locked up. A trained eye can tell if the house has been empty for an extended period of time. A car still in the drive, curtains open, no lights on…


Obviously it can be difficult to make it look like the house is occupied while you’re away. If you have the money or the inclination there are certain types of automated systems which will switch on lights at certain times of the day and even open and close the curtains. You might not want to go that far but there are other things you can do.


1. Let your neighbours know you are going away

If you are friendly with your neighbours (and if you’re not, you should be!) ask them to keep an eye on the house while you’re away. They’re more likely to take notice of that strange bang in the back yard if they know there’s no one in your house. Your neighbours will be more than happy to monitor things while you’re away as they know you’ll do the same for them!


2. Hide all your valuables

It’s not enough to rely on locking your doors and windows. When you’re not around to protect your home, there’s no reason why a clever and unscrupulous thief might manage to make their way in. Leaving the curtains open and a plasma screen TV in the window is just asking for trouble! Basically, just prepare for the worst and you’ll probably be fine!


3. Get a good alarm system

Make sure you have a proper alarm system installed. Even if you won’t be around to hear it go off, you’re neighbours will be! You can also get small window alarms which react to any sort of impact. Sometimes that’s all it takes to scare someone off!


Preparing for a vacation or a travel adventure can be stressful at the best of times but as eager as you might be to get away from it all, don’t forget the important stuff. Check out this useful infographic for more tips on making your preparations stress-free!



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