Do you still send postcards?


Have a think; when was the last time you sent a postcard? And when was the last time you actually received one? Chances are they don’t come through your letterbox that often.

Thanks to the explosion in social media, the humble postcard has all but been replaced by ‘selfies’ and ‘checking in’. There seems to be no need to send a postcard when you can simply post Facebook updates letting everyone know what a great time you’re having. For many people, the updates start straight from arriving at the airport and continue for the duration of the holiday.

This is great in theory. It’s easy and less time consuming than sending postcards to everyone but surely the ‘hotdog legs’ and cocktail on the beach photos are getting a little bit tired?

I personally find it a bit of a novelty to get a postcard through the letterbox (even though it’s only usually my mum who sends them). It’s the same as getting a letter or a parcel – it’s quite exciting. Snail mail is something that we all seem to take for granted nowadays.

It’s true that writing postcards can seem like a bit of a chore and they always end up sounding a bit cheesy. However, whilst I’m doing my souvenir shopping I quite like choosing a few postcards and then sitting somewhere peaceful to write them. It’s quite therapeutic although there have been times when I haven’t gotten round to sending them.

I think people do genuinely appreciate receiving a postcard through the post as well. It shows a little more thought than a million check-in statuses. And, let’s be honest, if you’re spending all your time on Facebook are you really making the most of your holiday anyway?

A lot of my relatives who don’t use social media enjoy getting the odd postcard too. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not about to send postcards to all my friends and family, and I don’t begrudge the odd Facebook status, but every now and again it can be quite nice.

What do you think; is it the end of the road for the humble postcard? Figures suggest that there has been a slight resurgence in the numbers of postcards we’re all sending. As the saying goes, everything comes back around. Perhaps the novelty of the postcard won’t overtake social media just yet but it’s certainly a good alternative for people who want to stick to more traditional methods of communication.

Either way, I don’t think the postcard should be considered obsolete just yet!


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