Awesome Ways To Ensure You Always Have Accommodation When You Travel Europe

Accommodation is a major part of travelling. Without the right accommodation, you trip might not go to plan. And, all the money and time you spent waiting for the trip of a lifetime will go up in smoke. Seriously, that is how much accommodation means to travellers. It is even more important in Europe. Europe is one of those rare places where you might not find a place to stay if you are unlucky. Almost every country you visit is either expensive or full to the brim. If you are planning on going to Europe, you will want to look at these tips.


Book In Advance


There is no excuse to book in advance other than laziness. You get those people that like to say it isn’t a part of travelling, but explain that to the receptionist at 01:00 in the morning. The truth is that travelling is about flexibility – you do what you want when you want to. However, there are certain areas that you need to keep on top on if you don’t want to sleep rough. Accommodation is one of those areas because it is so important. And, it is so easy to book a bed for a night. All you have to do is go online and book with the operator. Most only charge you a small deposit fee just in case you’re a no show.


Give A Local A Call


Where are you going to get a local person’s phone number? From an estate agent’s office of course! It might sound cheeky, but you can call people that are selling their house and ask them if you can stay. In theory, both parties are winners. You get a place to crash, and they get money to pay the mortgage while their property lies dormant. It doesn’t matter whether they are homes for sale in Greece or England because it is worth a try. Sure, they might tell you to hit the bricks, but you don’t lose anything. In fact, you have everything to gain.


Travel Out Of Season


The off-season is better for a variety of reasons, and accommodation is a great example. Firstly, you have much more choice when you don’t travel in the peak season. The reason is that there are fewer establishments that are fully booked. Also, the price is a lot lower than normal. Because there are fewer people in the area, the hotels and hostels can’t charge as much for a room. To accommodate for the lack of demand, they lower the prices to get people in and spending money. When you travel in the off-season, you could stay in a nice hotel and pay less than normal.


Go Somewhere Off The Beaten Track


Off the beaten track is the best place for adventure. It is also the best place for accommodation. The places that nobody visits are the ones that always have beds. So, you will never be short of a roof over your head. And, they are also great places to visit because they aren’t as crowded or commercial. There aren’t many in Europe, but Ljubljana and Budapest spring to mind.



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