Asian Adventure Time: Making Malaysia Your Next Memorable Escape

It’s never a bad time to get out and see the world even more; so why not make now the time to do the fun part, and begin planning your adventures. Often, to really see and understand a destination; you’ll need more than just a few nights or weeks in one place. Therefore, it might be time to consider your options regarding long-term stays so that you can thoroughly explore a place, and feel like you’re getting the most from it. Staying in a new country, surrounded by a fresh culture, will enrich your life, and you’ll be able to discover local ways of life, and plenty of hidden gems that the average short-term tourist would have never found. Packing up your whole life for more than a month can be a challenge; however, as long as you have a clear understanding of what’s there and what you plan to do and achieve in your chosen spot; you’ll have a memorable and exciting trip ahead (slow down; there’s still planning to do).


Southeast Asia has long been on the travel itinerary or bucket list of holidaymakers and relocators alike, and Malaysia had long been a popular destination within that area of the world. There has been a significant rise in overseas workers, travellers on a budget, and expats moving to Malaysia, especially in the past ten years; making it a travel experience and destination you should be putting on your list of places to see and explore. There is an emerging market in may of the Asian countries, and Malaysia is seen as an appealing option for many international, major corporations. Therefore, there are a plethora of people living there from all around the world, many of which are from English speaking countries like the US, UK, and Australia.


There are plenty of job opportunities for English speakers in Malaysia, so whether you’re able to freelance and work remotely, or will need to find a job to head to on arrival; you won’t be stuck for ways to earn enough to live there for a longer period of time. The following are some ideas and inspiration for those who have Malaysia firmly in their sights in regards to some longer travel plans they wish to embark on in the foreseeable future.


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Get There Safely


Your flights to Asia are never going to be the cheapest things you’ll be able to purchase. However, it’s crucial that you don’t impulse buy your plane tickets on your laptop when you’ve got wanderlust one evening. Especially if you’re planning a longer trip somewhere; timing is essential. You’ll need to figure the average cost of travel at various times of the year, and think about the month that you think will be best to go to Malaysia. There are an array of websites available that will scan the best deals on your chosen flights, so sign up, and when you feel a reasonable price has come through; then is the best time to book. You might find that it works out to more affordable to travel across the country a little, to a particular airport; the cost of flights can vary from place to place, so weigh-up your train and bus tickets or your fuel costs to get there. Once you arrive in Malaysia; you’ll need to figure out the best way to get to your chosen accommodation; hailing a taxi straight from Kuala Lumpur airport can add unnecessary costs to your trip as soon as you arrive, so be savvy and get to know the transport system and explore your options before you get there. If you are staying for a while; you might want to consider hiring a car, but again; you’ll need to take into account if you’ll have secure parking options near where you’re planning to stay.


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Find A Place To Call Home


Be mindful on arrival and understand that there will be a lot of touts when you arrive in the country that will target backpackers; making it a smart idea to have found your accommodation beforehand. Often there is a tax and a service charge that doesn’t appear on your original bill, so keep your eyes peeled for that added six and ten percent by looking out for “plus-plus”. Think about when the peak holiday seasons are, or when there are festivals or Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu celebrations; these will increase the price of wherever it is you’re choosing to look into house rental for the duration of your stay. Although, some of these festivals and celebrations may actually attract you to your chosen spot in the first place, so it’s about striking a balance for you and your budget. Keep a photocopy of your passport with you so that you always have ID and aren’t at risk of losing your original if you need to hand it over to accommodation owners or landlords. Long-term property lets are less likely to increase in price just because of the season, which is another reason to keep them in mind before you travel.


It’s vital for an affordable trip to look into your accommodation options in Malaysia before you arrive. Obviously, hotels are going to be an expensive way to stay, especially if you’re there for weeks or months. Therefore, it might be worth looking at letting a flat or a home that would be suitable for your needs as an individual traveler, a couple, or a family, to save money. One of the great things about your Asian getaway destination and probably one of the reasons you’ve chosen it for your big escape is that it offers a traveler everything from the luxuries and hustle and bustle of the big city to humble and rural villages and unique cultural finds. These factors are reflected in what’s on offer regarding somewhere to live for the duration of your adventure, so you’ll have plenty to choose from, and could even switch it up midpoint, or a few times throughout your travels.




Making The Most Out Of Your Time


You might be there longer than the average traveller; however, it’s smart to make sure that you don’t run out of time to see and do everything you wanted to before it’s time to leave. Malaysia is bursting with day trips, historical and cultural sights, museums and tours, and theme parks and outdoor activities, which is why so many choose to visit the vibrant and exciting country in the first place. Therefore, plan out your must-see activities beforehand, and factor them into your time there and your budget so that you’re not at risk of overspending on a whim. Fortunately, there are plenty of day trips out to rural and historic sites, that won’t cost you much at all; you’ll just need to arrange transport and what you’re going to eat and drink once you’re there. For some great ideas on where to go and what to see in Malaysia, begin writing your travel itinerary, which is totally the fun part, ASAP. Above all, have fun and take the stress out of your escape by preparing, planning, and budgeting ahead so that you have an adventure to remember for the years ahead.


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Settle In And Have Some Fun


There’s no doubt that you’ll probably want to try a mix of the cuisine when you’re over in Malaysia and don’t worry; there’ll be plenty to choose from. As you’re going to be there for a while; you won’t want a fancy sit-down dinner every night, but it might be nice to budget for one or two special meals to celebrate your adventure, especially if you’re into your food. However, it’s worth taking a trip out as soon as you arrive and finding a local store or supermarket to stock up on quick and easy things to eat in your apartment or chosen accommodation. There will be plenty of fresh food options to choose from, and with a major western influence flooding the country; you’ll have all the usual potato chips and candy options to enjoy too. With so many international, long-term, residents; you’ll find a mixture of cuisine and edible options, it’s just about doing your research first so that you know where to look. And, if you’re missing a taste of home after a few weeks; you’ll find a plethora of restaurant chains that you recognize in city settings like Kuala Lumpur, so you can grab some classic fast food from home, when the craving hits you.


Affordable, authentic, and local cuisine can be found in the best spots to eat Laksa, some Malaysian seafood, or chicken and rice which will all fill you up and give you a taste of the region. With influences from across Asia; there’ll be something to satisfy every palette, and part of the fun of a longer stay somewhere is discovering your favorite things and places to eat. You can grab a spicy Indian inspired dish like roti and murtabak, or surprise your sweet tooth with a Milo dinosaur in a cafe; not one for those watching their calorie intake (you’re holiday, it’s fine). Don’t stay in your house or flat; get out and explore as much as possible so that you can get into a routine that works for you, and begin incorporating some of the bigger and popular tourist highlights and activities during your free time.


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