Annoying holiday Facebook updates – we’re all guilty of it!

You’d think that most of us would be having far too much fun on holiday to be constantly updating our Facebook profiles – not the case! These days it seems that no matter how much of an amazing experience we’re having, there’s always time to write a status about it.

The updates generally start right from arrival at the airport. Once we’ve checked ourselves in at the airport desk, it’s time to check ourselves in on Facebook! You’ll find that these types of posts are rampant on the social networking site particularly during the summer period when everyone is jetting off somewhere nice. The long wait in the airport is usually conducive to a few more updates; ‘currently eating a breakfast sandwich’, ‘just bought a hat in duty-free’ etc.

Bearing in mind we’ve probably spent weeks prior to this exclaiming how excited we are about going on holiday, a few more updates at the airport probably isn’t going to make too much difference. But, it doesn’t end there…

Once the obligatory Facebook ‘check-in’ upon arrival at the destination has been completed, expect the updates to continue throughout the duration of the holiday. Yes we are having fun and yes we want everyone to know about it.IMG_0417

Over the next few days the dreaded ‘selfie’ is likely to make an appearance. A selfie of you on the beach, a selfie of you in the restaurant, a selfie of you in your hotel room, a selfie of you next to a weird animal, the list is endless… At least no one can contest that you were actually there.

There’s also the ever-popular posting of a weather forecast so everyone can see just how hot it is where you are. It’s just what everyone wants to see when they’re trudging through the wind and rain trying to keep their umbrella in one piece.

Another annoyingly popular Facebook posting is that of food. Posting photos of a tasty meal or a delicious cocktail seems to have become the norm these days. Sometimes food is so tasty that it deserves its own Facebook album, especially that burger you bought in a Spanish beach bar.


However, food is not the only object which seems to make a frequent appearance in Facebook holiday snaps, there’s also feet. When you see a beautiful view, there’s nothing better than to sit down and take in the scenery. Then, it’s only right that you take a photo of said scenery making sure your glorious toes are in the frame. Beautiful.


We are all guilty of at least some of these annoying Facebook updates, I know I am. It seems that it’s only when you’re stuck at home that you realise just how annoying some of them can be!


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