Alternatives To The Beach: Different Holiday Escapes


Many people look forward to their vacations and holidays, and understandably. After all, it’s your chance to really unwind from the daily routine and enjoy time with loved ones and friends. But, when it comes to holidays many people can be rather predictable with their choices. They want the sun, they want the sea, and they want the sand. Beach holidays are by far one of the most popular ways to spend vacation time, but there are alternatives out there. I thought I would share with you some other options to consider when it comes to your holiday. Perhaps it will inspire you to try something different next time.




Instead of staying in the one place, why not see a few different locations during your break away. Cruising gives you the chance to do that. Jumping on a ship that has every amenity you can think of, including a pool and often even water slides and fun entertainment, and head out onto the ocean to see a few different places. Often this will be more than just cities and beach spots but a chance to experience different countries and cultures on one holiday. Cruising is a great way to enjoy your time away, it can be relaxing and enables you to unwind and let the staff, and the ship, do all the hard work for you.


River cruising


If you want something totally different, but like the idea of a boat, then river cruising could be a fantastic way for you to enjoy some of the hidden gems within a country. For example, France. It has some amazing inner cities, and within the wine region you can’t go far wrong, that is why river cruises in France could be your ideal choice. Often a smaller boat means that you are amongst the company of fellow travellers, which could provide you with a chance to make some new friends and socialise with interesting people.


A road trip


Who says you need to stay in one place? Head out onto the open road and see some of the country you have travelled to from a different point of view. Often a road tips can be a lot of fun, especially if you use it as a chance to visit alternative locations or even tick of a bucket list experience like a road trip in America or driving down Route 66.


A city break


A holiday doesn’t have to be a week or fortnight. Perhaps you want to make the most of your annual leave and book various trips throughout the year, this is when a city break could be right up your street. Witness some of the historical sights, eat in some of the best restaurants and explore the streets and shopping opportunities for a few days escape. It could be just the rejuvenation time you need. You could always choose to use it as a holiday and visit a few different cities that are nearby.


I hope this has provided you with some alternatives to the beach holiday. Enjoy!

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