All You Need To Know For A Trip To Australia

Australia is such an amazing country to visit. It is breathtaking. Beautiful scenery and countryside, as well as brilliant beaches and awesome cities to visit. Here are my tips for a having the best trip out there. For most people, it is a once-in-a-lifetime kind of trip, so you want to make the absolute best of it.


General Information


I think it is important to have a general knowledge about any country that you visit. It is an English speaking country, but that doesn’t mean that the customs and lifestyle are the same. Australia is similar to the UK in that tipping is optional, and even if you do it, 10% is fine. It blows my mind that in places like the USA, 10% tip is what you give for bad service! Bartering or bargaining are not common place in Australia.


If you’re visiting Australia, you wouldn’t be visiting properly unless you hit the beach! In their summer months, October – April, the beaches will be manned by volunteer lifeguards. The ones with the classic yellow and red outfits. The best, and safest, places to swim, will also be marked out with red and yellow flags. Australia can have some rip tides and rarely, sharks, so be vigilant and follow the flags.


I know a lot of people think of poisonous creatures when they think of Australia. While this is true, it isn’t just like spiders and snakes are just roaming around. They aren’t super common place. If you are trekking or hiking, use your common sense. Wear sensible, protective footwear and watch where you are going.


Where to Stay


There are multiples of luxurious hotels that you can stay in. Camping is also available. I think the best way to see a country though is to be self-catered and rent a beach house. You get to see life as locals do, shop in the local shops and supermarkets and have a relaxed time. I have a friend that stayed in a beach house with before, in Perth – she loved it!





Best Times to Travel


Because of all the gorgeous beaches and amazing water sports, you will want to visit when the weather is at it’s best. Their summer months are from October – April. The busiest for tourists though is December – February. This means everywhere is busier and often, more expensive. Sometimes going in October / November or March / April are better. You still get the great weather but have a less crowded holiday. It is nice to enjoy excursions, days at the beach or snorkeling trips when there are fewer people around.


I hope that you have found these tips for traveling to Australia helpful. It is amazing and worth the long flight to get there. My final tip would be to take at least two weeks to enjoy it all. It is a large country, and if you travel around, you will need lots of time for road trips or internal flights. Enjoy!



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