8 great ways to hide your valuables while travelling

When you’re backpacking things are bound to go missing, but keeping items such as cash, credit cards and your passport safe are a priority. In popular tourist destinations and busy towns and cities pickpockets are rife and keeping important documents just in your bag or pocket simply isn’t an option. Whether you are relaxing on the beach or in your hostel dorm, there’s never a time to get complacent when you’re travelling. Aside from making use of hostel lockers and security boxes and not flaunting your valuables for everyone to see, there are lots of other nifty tricks you can use to hide your important belongings from preying thieves. Here are a few ideas to try…

1. Hide money in an old chapstick tube. This makes a great little cash container – just make sure you don’t lose it or throw it away!

2. To hide your camera or mobile while you are on the beach cut an empty sun tan lotion bottle in half and slide shut. This can also work with other containers such as drinks cans etc.

3. Wear a money belt under your clothes. You can buy very discrete money belts which don’t look obvious when you are wearing them but keep your cash and passport out of the reach of thieves.

4. Take the memory card out of your camera when you’re not using it. This way, if someone steals your camera out of your bag or while you’re staying in a hostel your precious photos will be safe. It’s also wise to bring a spare memory card just in case.

5. Keep a ‘dummy’ purse in your bag. Although it’s not nice to think about mugging and pickpocketing, these things do happen to travellers. If someone slips a hand into your bag or threatens you, it’s good to have something to hand over. Keep a bit of cash in it, but nothing too valuable.

6. Keep valuables in your pillow case. Before you go to sleep at night slide your passport, money etc into your pillowcase. This not only keeps them hidden from thieves but means they would have to wake you if they did try to take anything.

7. Roll money into your socks. If a thief is rifling through your backpacking they are unlikely to search through your socks. However, be careful as socks have a habit of going missing – make sure you know which one the money’s in!

8. Cut a slit in a flipflop and slide in your money and cards. It’s not advisable to actually wear the flipflop but it can be a good hiding place!

There are of course a few obvious ways you can avoid being a target for thieves namely, not counting your money in public, not keeping all your valuables all in one place and keeping copies of all your important documents. Some good travel insurance wouldn’t go amiss either. It’s difficult to be on the lookout 24/7 but with a bit of common sense and some clever tricks you can make sure your valuables stay safe and sound leaving you to enjoy your trip!

Do you have any cool ways to hide your valuables when you’re travelling?

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