6 Signs You’ve Survived A Trip To Croatia

Croatia is a naturally stunning place where you can get away from the hustle and bustle of your normal life and explore the historically beautiful cities, mystical waterfalls and see it’s many species of animals.  You won’t want to go back to your homeland after visiting!


Fantasies of Dubrovnik

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If you’ve ever dreamed of visiting a forest and lakes surrounding a beautiful 16th century fortress, then you have to visit the beautiful sights of Dubrovnik. If you’re looking to make it out of Croatia satisfied, this is one region you must visit. There are Victorian churches, the Sponza Palace and marble streets, as if the time has stopped in the area.


If you think your local architecture is historical and old, hear and see the history behind Dubrovnik! It will blow your mind with its majestic history. This is actually the same city that Game of Thrones is filmed in, which helps paint the backdrop of the famous fantasy inspired show. If you’ve never seen Game of Thrones, you can check out the DVD collection on Netflix. You can even take a personal tour of the Game of Thrones filming areas. Suddenly, that one Tom Cruise movie filmed 25 minutes away from your house isn’t so thrilling anymore.

The Beautiful Parks

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You’ll never look at your local parks the same. The Croatian parks are beautiful, stunning and are carefully landscaped. One of the many is located in Zagreb, Croatia in front of their famous train station. In the back, you’ll notice beautiful and historical architecture adorned with flowers.


At night, Zagreb Park is usually the center of drink gatherings for the “youngins” but not in a negative way. Everyone gets together and enjoys each other’s company. Try doing that in Central Park and you may get arrested!


The Quirky Museums

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There are plenty of weird museums all over the world, but have you heard of the Museum of Broken Relationships? Well if you’ve visited Croatia, you may have survived this odd museum. This museum features art that represents remnants of broken relationships. This ranges from broken glass, to hangs or other passionate items.


While it may sound weird, it’s actually very popular, world-renowned and has won awards for it’s beautiful perspective. You’ll never look at your local art museum the same!


Stunning Seas


While there are beaches all over the world, the most popular are the Atlantic and Pacific for vacations. But if you’ve survived the beauty of Croatia, you’ve most definitely seen a few patches of stunning seas. The sea that borders this mystical region is the Adriatic Sea.


This area and more is known as one of the ecologically best preserved on the continent. That means that the nature you are seeing is the best kept and is a gem. While there are many historical parks and national parks, there is nothing like getting away and checking out what the seas have to offer.


Whether you want to party on a cruise ship that sails the Adriatic and lets you visit Croatia, Montenegro and more, you can also hide away in a more secretive spot like the Plitvice Lakes National Park.


Mystic Waterfalls


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You haven’t seen a waterfall until you’ve seen one of the magical waterfalls in the Plitvice Lakes National Park. Known for its waterfalls, they were named in 1896 after a famous opera singer named Milka Temina. While Croatia is a typically warmer climate, there are an array of bears, wolves and of course, bird species living in this national park.


In this national park, you’ll find about 20 lakes, all naturally made between the beautiful mountains. The lakes are at different levels, which are called lower and upper lakes. If you’ve ever owned travertine countertops, that is the same material that helps in the formation of the upper lakes!


Sure, your local lake is great to hang out with your friends in, but after dipping your toes in the beauty of Croatia, you’ll never think of local nature the same.



Croatia isn’t your typical partying vacation area. There are beautiful regions that will take you back in time to some of your favorite fantasy inspired novels or movies as well as gorgeous waters that look over the Adriatic Sea. Don’t forget to visit the famous museums and take a bite into their culture in order to survive your vacation.


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