6 Reasons To Rent A Car During Your Dubai Trip



As one of the most progressive cities in the world, it’s clearly no wonder Dubai attracts millions of visitors every year. In fact, it places fourth in the ranking of cities that enjoy massive tourism.


With the new offerings it has in store (especially with Expo 2020 Dubai coming up), the city is not far from landing on a much higher spot in coming years.


There are so many things to see in Dubai despite it being a desert city. If you wish to see man’s amazing ingenuity, Dubai truly is the place to go. This emirate is not only attracting tourists from all over because of the great progress it has achieved; it has also become a mecca for shoppers, foodies, and extreme adventurers.


While Dubai’s public transport system is safe and some of the best in the world, it would be smart to opt for a rental car in Dubai during your next holiday – here’s why.

6 Reasons Why You Should Rent a Car for Your Dubai Tour

1.     It’s the more stylish way to get around.

This is the perfect option for you if you’re more of a “glam” traveler” – you like to get dressed up and don’t like the idea of standing at the curb to flag down a cab. Also, the best car rental companies include luxury vehicles in their fleets. So if you want to impress, it will be a lot easier when you rent your favourite car.

2.     It will provide you the freedom to go anywhere you want, whenever you want.

Freedom of movement is a very important advantage of renting a car. You don’t need to be constantly mindful of bus schedules or cab fare when checking out various sites in Dubai.


Car rental services for your entire stay will allow you to create your own convenient schedule for exploration.

3.     It’s a more comfortable way to tour the city.

Dubai weather is scorching hot for the batter part of the year. You can avoid waiting under the hot sun and sweltering humidity if you have your own car to take you from one destination to another.

Likewise, if you prefer saving on cost, bringing basic food supplies with you will indeed be easier with your own car (you can even keep a spare change of clothes for your beach or souk explorations in the heat).

4.     It will provide you the opportunity to visit the “hidden treasures” of the city.

When you have your own car, you can take it where you please. Small villages and narrow streets are usually the home of unique business establishments such as teahouses, art galleries, garden restaurants, and others.


There’s a greater chance of discovering these hidden treasures if your means of transportation are not restricted to particular locations.

5.     It can help you stay within budget.

Transportation expenses can easily run away from you when you’re exploring. If you have a car rental, you can actually limit the buildup of costs because the rental fee is fixed. You only have to worry about filling up the car with gas and gas is quite cheap in Dubai.


A rental car easily beats Uber and cabs when it comes to economical travel.

6.     Renting a car won’t make you look too much like a tourist.

If you’re quite aware of some of the disadvantages of looking like a tourist, you can be sure to avoid them if you drive around the city like you know the place (it’s easy to do so with the help of online maps or apps).

Making your Dubai tour as convenient as you can will surely increase your enjoyment. Think carefully  about the strategies you can implement in order to ensure a positive experience, and make sure renting a car is one of them.



Sajjad Akhtar is the Director of Sales and Marketing at Quicklease Car Rentals, a one-stop shop for all vehicle rental requirements, including short-term rentals and long-term leasing. Sajjad specializes in vehicle leasing, vehicle hire and limousine businesses in the Middle East and has a solid background in brand building, awareness, and conceptualizing, planning and execution of marketing campaigns.


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