5 Ways To Make The Most of Your Trip to South America!

Between breathtaking landscapes and historical sites, it can seem like South America has more to offer than one person could ever hope to see! Fear not because while the amount of things to do in South America might seem intimidating, here are five ways to guarantee the trip of a lifetime.

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1. Look beyond the obvious.

South America has enough world famous attractions to fill up the itinerary of any trip. From trekking up the Ruins of Machu Pichu to cruising down the awe-inspiring Panama Canal. But for those who want to go off a little the beaten track, South America is never short of something to offer. Attractions like the Sacred Valley are less likely to appear on a postcard but are great for those interested in the other wonders Peru has to offer.

2. Make sure you’re packed and prepared

Preparation is essential for any trip, and alittle planning goes a long way to making your trip easier and more fun. Always make sure you have the right clothes for the climate. (Hint: you’ll probably want to leave the Parka at home.) And that you know where everything is so you can find it when you need it. (Nobody likes that awful scramble to find the passport at the airport.) South America has loads of beautiful, natural areas but that does carry risks. Make sure you have all your travel vaccinations before you go.

3. Get lost in the forest

There aren’t many places left where you can find undisturbed rain forest. South America is the perfect place to get yourself back to nature as you lose yourself in a little slice of paradise. Take some of the work out of exploring by taking a jeep ride through Tijuca National Park. You’ll have the chance to see plenty of indigenous animals, as well as taking in some stunning views.

4. Enjoy a glass of wine.

It may not be the first place you think of when enjoying a tipple. But South America’s reputation for wine has been growing fast for the last several years.  From Chile’s diverse vineyards to Mendoza, the home of Malbec. You can just relax and enjoy the wines themselves or enjoy a trip around one of the vineyards. From light, crisp whites to bold reds, South America has something for every palate.

5. Soak up the sun.

What better way to spend your time on South America than on the beach? When you need to relax, take advantage of Brazil’s 5000 miles of beaches. You’re guaranteed to find somewhere to lie back and enjoy the sunshine.

So there you have it! Five ways to be sure that your trip to South America will provide you with precious memories for years to come. And don’t worry if there’s anything you missed. With so many incredible things to see and do South America’s charms are sure to woo you back time and time again!

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