5 ways to make sure your valuables are unprotected during travelling

Ever feel like your valuables are weighing you down when you’re travelling? If so, then here are some easy ways to get rid of them.

1. Flaunt your mobile phone. The best way to make yourself attractive to criminals is to travel with the most expensive phone you can and show it off at every opportunity. Maybe you could keep in the outside pocket of your rucksack so pickpockets can get to it extra easily.

2. Keep all your money in your back pocket/ purse. Again, the pickpocket will have no trouble snatching it, and they will benefit from all your spending money. Of course, wearing a money belt under your clothes would make this much more difficult for said criminal.

3. Don’t make copies of your important documents. If you find your bag stolen, and your travel documents along with it you’ll probably have to undergo some nice, complicated procedures to recover that information.

4. Don’t take a small padlock with you. Even though lots of hostels provide lockers where you can keep your belongings, many of them require you to bring your own padlock. So, if security isn’t your number one priority, it’s probably best not to bring one.

5. Leave your belongings unattended. If you want to go the extra mile you could also attach a sign to your belongings reading ‘STEAL ME’ just to make them even more noticeable.

Of course, you’ll probably detect my sarcasm in these tips so I highly advise you to do the opposite of anything I’ve written! It’s all too easy to get complacent when you’re travelling but having your valuables lost or stolen can happen to the best of us. Although it’s a very frustrating situation to be in, it’s rarely the end of the world, and there are lots of things you can do to prevent your valuables from going astray in the first place. The main thing is to not let lost belongings ruin your trip!

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