5 types of people you will meet while travelling

When you go travelling it’s likely that you will meet A LOT of people. But, there are some characters that will keep popping up wherever you go.

1. The ‘I’m on my gap yah’

The chances are you’ll meet an amazingly cultured traveller who will tell you about all their volunteer work and all the places you simply must visit, oh and of course, they’re on their gap yah.

2. The hardcore traveller

They left home when they were 18 with nothing but a passport and a pair of flip-flops and they’ve never been back since. These are the type of traveller who’ve seen it all and done it all. They’ve probably had various jobs along the way to fund their travels such as teaching English, fruit picking or working in bars and they don’t have any plans to return home soon.

3. The first-timer

It’s their first time travelling and you can see the enthusiasm in their face as they eagerly check their guidebook for the best places to go. Their rucksack is likely to be filled with random stuff that their mum made them bring ‘just in case’.

4. The comfort traveller

Along the way you might meet a few people who are probably not best suited to the travelling lifestyle. Hair straighteners at the ready and a mild disgust when they see the hostel bathroom – they might even bring a suitcase.

5. The best friends

If you meet them at the beginning of their travels you’ll see two best friends having the time of their lives. Meet them 4 weeks in and you’ll probably see that the novelty of spending 24/7 with each other has well and truly worn thin.

When you’re sharing a dorm with 10 other people you’re bound to meet people from all walks of life – some of them you might stay friends with forever, some you might be glad to see the back of!

What sort of travellers have you met on the road?

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