5 Reasons British Tourists Have a Bad Reputation


British people have been closely associated with charm and suave sophistication for years, but we all know things aren’t quite that black and white. When the Brits go abroad that image is drastically thrown under question. Here are five reasons British tourists actually have a bad reputation when abroad.


 1.      Language Barriers



It’s fair enough not to be able to speak a foreign language – it’s a rare skill to have – but Brits do tend to expect people to have a decent comprehending of English, no matter where they go. The debate rages as to whether Brits are actually bad at speaking foreign languages, or just lazy and expectant of others. Quite frankly, it’s almost certainly the latter.


Imagine the reverse – a German family coming to England and expecting to be able to speak fluently in their native tongue, with everyone understanding what they’re saying. It just wouldn’t happen.


 2.      Patronising Demeanour



In the UK perhaps more than any other country, there seems to be a commonly held belief that their way of doing things is superior to how the rest of the world operates. We’re not sure why that is, but it persists through all walks of life.


In fairness to the Brits, every country conforms to this stereotype in some way – after all, we all think what we’re doing is probably the best or most efficient. Regardless, it’s still an annoying habit.



 3.      Drinking Culture




This is a particular problem the English have become infamous for. Binge drinking is without question one of the easiest ways to offend people overseas, and a trait which is almost exclusively British. Anywhere else across Europe this would be heavily frowned upon.


Drinking is seen as something to accompany food in most places – not a test of bravado. The British seem to view downing alcoholic substances as some kind of feat which needs to be glorified at every chance.


 4.      Crime


Sadly, the former point contributes strongly to this reputation. The statistics are damning when it comes to British crime rates overseas. Numbers have continued to remain steady around the 5-6,500 mark when it comes to arrests made on an annual basis.


The majority of these come in the form of drug-related issues. There have been at least 669 drugs arrests made on a global basis every year since 2009 when Brits travel overseas. A damning indictment of the nation.


 5.      “Banter”



The British have a brilliant sense of humour, but it does at times tend to border on the slightly offensive. Fellow Brits understand insults aren’t necessarily meant to be taken as such – but that isn’t always the case when it comes to people overseas.


They don’t mean to offend people, but there’s always the risk the Brits will say something which doesn’t go down the right way with their hosts.



The British are a lovely people in general, but they do have a dark side. Bear these factors in mind when you come across people from the UK overseas.



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