5 Quick and Simple Tips To Pack Like a Pro


Traveling light is a trick that makes your journey easier and gives you more freedom. If you are a frequent flyer then you may learn as you go along what you need and what you can do without. However, there are a few tips to help you on your way. Check out these five travel hacks to help you travel and pack like a pro:


Use packing cubes

Packing cubes are a real space and time saver for frequent travellers. You can divide up your clothes, toiletries, under wear etc. and pack them tightly to fit in your case or bag. It saves time when looking for what you need and also makes unpacking a breeze. Laundry bags are useful too, making it easier and simpler when you are packing to come home.

Wear You Heavy Items

If you are bringing a coat or a think jumper away with you, then don’t waste space by putting it in your case. Wearing your heavier or bulkier clothing items to the airport means you save space in your luggage and weight restrictions too. Remember if you are travelling from one climate to another, you can always take off your ski jacket carry it if you get too hot. Things like hiking boots should be worn too. Although you will probably have to remove them at security, it saves the weight of them in your bag.

Roll your clothes

This is an old trick but it still works! Rolling your clothes not only minimises the space they take up but also reduces creases too. It works for all sorts of clothes, even jeans, jackets and dresses. A good tip is to roll your t shirt with socks then ball the sock as you would to store them making your rolled t-shirt even neater and smaller.

Choose a smaller lighter suitcase

It may seem obvious, but if you have a smaller suitcase then by default you will bring less with you. You should keep this in mind when choosing suitcase sets. If you are travelling to multiple locations then having hand luggage only is a good idea. You will have less to drag along with you between destinations and it makes flying and airport check ins much easier. Saving time when you land too as you are not waiting around for your bags. Having less space means you will pack less. Simple.

Pack smaller travel bottles

Using travel sized toiletries is a good space and weight saving idea. It’s also saves space on the way home if you leave your empties behind. However, if you are a more frugal traveller then invest in some small travel bottles and tubs. You can decant some of your larger bottled contents such as shampoo and shower gel without having to lug your full-size favourites along. This is a good idea for expensive sun lotions too as you might not need to bring the whole bottle with you.

Any more tips?

These tips should have you packing like a pro in no time. There are also plenty of other quick fixes, like covering the tops of liquids with cling film to prevent spills and covering the soles of shoes with a shower cap to keep your case clean. Do you have a packing tip that has helped you pack smarter? Or have you used any of the tips above?



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