4 devices I couldn’t survive without while travelling

My Kindle I by Pavel P., on Flickr

My last trip away made me realise how much we rely on technology while we’re travelling. How did people survive without Internet access? Or a phone? I’m sure back in the day the sense of adventure was far greater and of course there are still places you can visit where technology is limited. While I like the idea of setting off and exploring and the novelty of getting lost and finding new places, there are a few devices I don’t think I could live without…


1. My iPod

Long train journey, bus journeys, noisy dorms, relaxing on the beach…I definitely don’t think I’d be very happy if I didn’t have my iPod. When you have a lot of time on your hands you end up rediscovering old songs and thinking about your journey. The thing I like is that when you get back home, particular songs remind you of where you were when you last listened to them.


2. My Kindle

This is a piece of technology which I never thought I’d be a fan of. I studied English Literature at Uni so the idea of replacing a good old fashioned book with a small computer screen did not appeal. That was before I realised how annoying it was to carry a load of books in my rucksack when I could be filling it with food or souvenirs. I am a Kindle convert. Instead of choosing one or two books to bring, I can take hundreds. I know many hostels have book exchanges etc which are a great idea but sometimes you just want to read something you’ve chosen rather than the weird book someone has left.


3. My smartphone

Again, I am relatively new to having a smartphone but now I don’t know how I managed without it. You can keep boredom at bay with Facebook, post pictures of yourself having fun, go on Google maps when your lost, email your mum, book hostels…Of course you usually have to find some kind of wi-fi signal but that’s pretty easy nowadays.


4. My camera

For me, my camera is probably the one thing which I would place above all else. If I lost my phone, my money, my passport, I wouldn’t be as upset as losing my camera! Photographs encapsulate your trip, give you something to look back on when you get home and allow friends and family to see what you got up to. I like to take photos of beautiful views but also the random things that you wouldn’t think to take a photo of. It’s so easy to forget about things but a photo lasts forever. If you’re taking loads of photos it’s a good idea to have a Dropbox account or a memory stick so you can keep everything backed up as you go along! Its important to find a camera that’s right for you – perhaps you want something small and compact that easy to carry. Or, if you’re a keen photographer you might want a DSLR to take some amazing shots. Using a site like bestcompactcamera2016.com can help you decide on a camera before you set off.



Image credit: by  Pavel P. 


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