3 reasons to travel to Australia this winter

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With winter approaching, many people tend to tone down on their travelling. But, if you fancy a winter travelling treat, then why not go to Australia!? Not convinced? Then allow me to provide you with three reasons why you should go to Australia.

So Many Beaches To Enjoy!

If you travel to Australia this winter, then you’re actually going to be there during their summer! This means there are going to be plenty of beaches for you to explore and enjoy. And, the best thing about Australian beaches is that there are always going to be fun activities for you to try out. The Aussies are well known for their surfing, but they’re also pretty decent at wakeboarding too. Wakeboarding is like the more adventurous and adrenaline fuelled cousin of surfing. You stand on a small board and hold onto a line that’s attached to a boat. The boat then speeds off and you’re hanging on behind. But, here’s where it gets even more fun, you can ride the waves and jump and flip about, it’s crazy!


It may sound a bit dangerous, but it’s perfectly safe, even for beginners. As long as you have some wakeboard life jackets for everyone then you have nothing to worry about. Of course, you’re going to be doing it with an instructor if it’s your first time anyway!

Different Cultures To Explore!

One of my favourite things about Australia is that there are two distinct cultures out there. You have your modern Australians that go about their life like your average human being. Then, you have the more tribal side of Australia. You can go to the outback and experience a taste of aboriginal culture. It will feel very different to what you’re used to!


It’s great to have fun when you’re travelling, but I think a big part of it is seeing different cultures. Getting a glimpse of everyday life from a different perspective. It’s something you can’t experience if you stay at home! Australia gives you the chance to see a different culture and have a lot of fun while you’re doing it!


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Awesome Things To See!

A huge selling point of Australia is the wildlife. Everyone loves kangaroos and koala bears, they’re two of the world’s favourite animals. And, you can see them in their natural habitat in Australia. Take a mini tour around some nature parks and see all the amazing and beautiful animals. Some of which are unique to Australia, so it’ll be your only chance to see them! Plus, there’s also plenty of awesome sceneries down under. You can travel up and down the country and see so many beautiful landscapes and natural creations. It’s a breathtaking country.


Also, who can forget all the iconic landmarks, like the Sydney Opera House and the Sydney Harbor Bridge. You’ll find plenty of things to see and enjoy if you decide to travel to Australia.

I wholeheartedly recommend that, if you go travelling this winter, you choose to go to Australia. It will give you a break from the cold and you’ll never want to leave!

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