3 Incredible Travel Ideas For The Perfect Gap Year Experience

Travelling is one of life’s guilty pleasures. Many people choose to go travelling when they leave school or finish uni. They take a gap year and go exploring the world. If you’re looking for some gap year ideas, then you’ve come to the right place!


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Go On An Asia-Pacific Tour

One of the most common travel ideas is to go on a tour of the Asia-Pacific region. This covers countries like Vietnam, Singapore, Thailand and Australia. It’s popular because you’ll be exploring a culture vastly different to what you’re used to. Particularly in places like Thailand and China. Also, it’s an opportunity to visit lots of countries that you’ve probably never been to before.


Most people chose to go on an Asia-Pacific tour as part of their gap year. Purely because it’s the best chance, you’ll have to go to all these places. You want to spend a decent amount of time exploring each country, so you’ll need a lot of travelling time! There’s so much to do on a tour like this; you can go deep sea diving in Thailand and see the iconic temples in Vietnam. It’s an eye-opening experience that I thoroughly recommend.


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Go On A Ski Season

Ski seasons are very popular among young travellers going on a gap year. You find a great location and arrange to head out there for the entire skiing season. Usually, the best locations are in Canada or central Europe. Austria and northern Italy are particularly popular after Christmas. You’ll spend a few months away skiing and snowboarding, enjoying the slopes.


Most people look to contact ski-lodges and see if they need any extra help. So, they get paid to help out around the lodge, while on their ski season. To take things up an extra level, think about doing some ski instructor courses. Or, if snowboarding is more your thing, then an Alltracks Snowboard Instructor Course might be right up your street. Getting trained as an instructor means you could end up getting a job while on your gap year! So, you can earn money while enjoying the snow and having an awesome time. The best places to travel during ski season are Canada and various places in Europe.


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Go Backpacking Across Europe

Another classic travel idea is to go backpacking across Europe. This is something that generations of travellers have been doing for a very long time. It’s travelling in its simplest form. All you need is a big backpack full of some essentials, and a vague idea of where you’re going. You could start your journey in France and travel to Belgium, Holland and all the surrounding central European countries. It’s a wonderful experience.


My top travel tip is always to make sure you know where you’re staying. If you’re backpacking, you’ll be hopping from city to city. So, ensure you find some cheap and safe youth hostels to stay in. Also, understand how you’re going to get from place to place. Some people decide to hire a campervan and drive around Europe. Others go via train.


If you’re keen on taking a gap year, then consider one of the three ideas above. They’re excellent if you’ve been bitten by the travel bug and want to try something new!

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