3 Alternative Ways To Go Sightseeing At Home Or Abroad

Travelling abroad or in your own country is a highly fulfilling and exciting experience. You get to learn more about where you come from or have your eyes opened by somewhere new. But when visiting popular tourist destinations sightseeing can be challenging and unappealing. If you’ve been looking forward to visiting a certain spot but feel it was overshadowed by too many tourists, it can spoil your trip. Thankfully there are alternative ways you can go sightseeing and learn even more about the place you are visiting.



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Sightsee by boat


Whether it’s by canal boat or ferry, sightseeing on the water is an incredible experience. You can arrange private tours or plan a group outing for a laid back sightseeing adventure. Again these tours vary in length and will often be weather dependent. You can see plenty of fantastic countrysides, cityscapes and historical sites along the route. As well as seeing local wildlife along river beds and under the water. These sightseeing tours can be found around the world with Venice, London and New York all boasting fantastic options. Consider what you want to see and choose your boat trip accordingly from reputable providers such as City Cruises.


Sightsee by train


Sightseeing by train is more exciting than many people realise. It also allows you to see multiple locations in the space of one or two days due to it’s speed and durability. Europe and Asia both have fantastic rail networks which can bring you closer to the local people and culture. You can sit back and relax while taking in all the fantastic scenery outside. You can then pick and choose where you would like to get off and how long you wish to stay for. You can then get onto the next train and continue your adventure. You can book train tickets and utilise pre-planned routes from providers such as Great Rail Journeys. Or you could just hop on board and see where you end up.



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Sightsee by helicopter


Some monuments and areas of natural beauty are best seen from the air. While there is nothing wrong with walking around these places, it makes it difficult to comprehend their size and beauty. Seeing them from above brings a new perspective to the experience. Helicopter tours vary in type, duration and size. So it’s always best to find out exactly what you are paying for. Also determine what kind of sightseeing tour you are most interested in. If you’re into history, a historical discovery tour by air might be ideal. Or you could book a seat on a tour around particular famous landmarks and buildings. You should contact helicopter tour providers such as Pleasure Flights Ltd for details on availability and price as this will vary.



As you can see, you don’t just have to walk around a gallery, historical or landmark. These alternative ways to sightsee will give your trip some excitement while still allowing you to see what you desire. So find out what other alternative modes of sightseeing there are and remember to take plenty of photographs.



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