21 problems only backpackers understand


1. You have the SAME conversation with every single person you meet (Soooo, where are you from? Where have you been? How long are you travelling for?’)

2. The only reason you know the day of week is because of the daily bar deals at your hostel

3. Becoming best friends with a fellow traveller only for them to leave the hostel 2 days later L

4. Washing your clothes in the sink

5. Hearing someone brag about how they’re on their gap yah, how enlightened they feel and all the amazing experiences they’ve had.

6. The one person who always stays up reading with the light on when everyone else in the dorm wants to sleep.

7. The one person who always wakes up at 6 am to make the most out of their day when everyone else wants to sleep.

8. Your friends list on Facebook is getting out of control.

9. Eating out at a McDonalds and feeling a pang of shame

10. Meeting up with a Couchsurfer and wondering whether or not they’re a murderer.

11. Having a lie in and realising you’ve woken up too late for the hostel breakfast.

12. Getting on public transport and praying you’re going in the right direction.

13. Awkwardly trying to speak the native language using your phrase book

14. Getting bitten by a weird insect

15. Buying postcards for your family but never actually sending them

16. Promising your brother/sister that you’ll bring them back something good, but then only having enough money left for a keyring.

17. Trying out the local cuisine and ending up with a poorly tummy.

18. Unsuccessfully trying to haggle

19. Having a short-lived travelling romance and realising you’ll probably never see them again

20. Sleeping in a bunk-bed as an adult

21. Getting a memorable travelling tattoo which you instantly regret.

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