Guest post: 10 classic songs to travel to

Are you going away this summer? Not looking forward to the long flights, multiple train journeys or even just driving in the car? Whether you’re flying in style or catching a Megabus, you’ll certainly need something to occupy your time, so here’s your soundtrack for a journey you’ll never forget.

Ventura Highway – America

Grab your sunglasses, wind down your windows and imagine you’re racing down Route 66 in an open top convertible because ‘Ventura Highway’ is care free and appropriate for any summer journey. With feel-good guitar licks and harmonious vocals, there’s nothing quite like the sound of America.

London Calling – The Clash

The 1970s British punk movement: rough and ready songs appropriate for any urban skyline. Whether you’re spending time in London or Paris or New York, there’s always time to remember that good music happens when people are brought together.
Another Travelin’ Song – Bright Eyes

The indie-folk tones of Bright Eyes’ ‘Another Travelin’ Song’, from Omaha, Nebraska, are perfect for any adventure. It is another travelling song, after all. Does what it says on the tin, pretty much…
Crosstown Traffic – Jimi Hendrix

Stuck in traffic, or powering through it like nobody’s business? Either way, you’ll feel super cool with this summer tune. Think Woodstock, beefy guitar riffs and sunshine… lots of sunshine.
Mountains – Biffy Clyro

This powerful song from Biffy Clyro paints a picturesque landscape of land and sea for those of you who love the countryside and being in it. Rising from Kilmarnock in Scotland, these alternative rock giants know just the right bits of mountain to chop up and mix with light melodic keys and dominant bass guitar riffs.
Leaving Blues – Bombay Bicycle Club

A little more contemporary, this lovely ballad from Bombay Bicycle Club is heartfelt and beautiful. Released in 2010, on second album ‘Flaws’, ‘Leaving Blues’ provides delicate acoustic guitar for the romantics at heart, combined with the heartbreaking vocals of Jack Steadman to compliment any emotional journey.

California Dreamin’ – The Mamas & The Papas

Whether you’re travelling to California or just wish you were, The Mamas & the Papas’ ‘California Dreamin’’ will whisk you there in an instant. The overly catchy harmonies of the group are fitting for even the longest daydreams.
Blowin’ In the Wind – Bob Dylan

This song has all the charms of a pastoral novel; a political commentary on the state of America in the 1960s, but also a homecoming song for most people. So wherever you are you can feel like you’re searching for those all-important answers to the questions posed by none other than Bobby Dylan himself.

Waterloo Sunset – The Kinks

Want to be in paradise or watching the sunset? The Kinks are the best band for de-stressing, being upbeat and positive. With relaxing guitar licks and four-part harmonies, you could probably put their entire discography on to this playlist.
You Can Call Me Al – Paul Simon

No, I know, there’s nothing about travelling or places in the title, but this famous track is taken from the best-selling and Grammy award-winning ‘Graceland’ album which was heavily influenced by Paul Simons time in South Africa. Featuring many South African musicians, including the Ladysmith Black Mambazo, ‘You Can Call Me Al’ is a cultural treat.

What are your favourite travelling songs?

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